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About Us

We are Martina and Alessandro, we manage our restaurants in Portofino and Denver

Who we are

Lo Stella Portofino Restaurant was founded by our ancestors back in 1850. We are now proud of being the eighth generation bringing forward this tradition and talking care of it. We are the grandchildren of “Nonno Puppo”, who, reguardless of his age is still that wonderful, histrionic character that Portofino has known over the years. It is through him, our “Auntie Merce”, our parents Maurizio and Luisa, that we have inherited our passion for our job, our love for good taste and style, and a clear consciousness of what we are, and who we want to be.

How we work

Our modus operandi has been the same for over a hundred years, we do everything in our restaurant, and we do in on the spot. “Pansoti”, “Nut sauce”, “Pesto sauce”: we prepare the recipes of ligurian tradition with our hands, and we do it every day to ensure you can taste them as they tasted almost two centuries ago. Our bread, our desserts, our home-made “pasta fresca”: everything is being prepared by our Chefs, under the careful supervision of our father. That’s how we are: proudly belonging to a world that may be slowly disappearing, but that you can still find and taste at our place.

So please, be patient if your dish is not being served in a minute, we are only striving to revive for you those tastes and gestures we have been taught with love, and that we are not prepared to give up.